At Puppies in Balance we believe whole-heartedly in the positive reinforcement approach to training. All our classes are based on TTouch and the clicker training method with the aim of helping to balance - without fear or pain - the body, mind and emotions of all dogs attending our classes.

We keep our classes small with 2 qualified trainers to ensure you get lots of personal attention.
We welcome the whole family to attend classes - this way everyone can learn, have fun and be involved in your dog's training.​


We offer the following classes:


• Puppy training and socialisation classes

• Basic Obedience classes

• Advanced obedience training

• Basic agility for fun

• Heel Work to Music classes for fun

• Private Training​


See our Classes page for more information




Bloubergrant High School

Bergzicht Vet, Big Bay


Riverclub Vet, Parkmore

2 Sangster Rd, Blue Heaven, Magaliessig

All Bodies in Balance classes operate on the principle of positive reinforcement built on the foundation of the clicker method.
Our aim is to help you train your puppy or adult dog to the level of obedience that is acceptable to you ... the handler. At the same time we strive to include an element of fun. This way, we hope the training will be enjoyable to both you and your dog while strengthening your bond with one another.
All classes have sufficient trainers present to ensure you get enough personal attention and guidance.

Puppy I

(Puppies aged 8 – 16 weeks)     

Saturdays @ 08:15 (baby puppies)

Saturdays @ 09:30

Puppy I

Saturdays @ 9:15 OR

Thursdays @ 10:00

Newbies / Adult

Saturdays @ 11:00 OR

Thursdays @ 09:00


Puppy II / Intermediate           

Saturdays @ 08:30 OR

Saturdays @ 11:00 OR

Thursdays @ 10:00 

Adult/Open Obedience                         

Saturdays @ 11:00 OR

Tuesdays @ 11:00

Thursdays @ 11:00

Puppy I  (Puppies aged 8 – 16 weeks)

Saturday @ 8:30 OR

Tuesday @ 16:30 


Puppy II

Saturday @ 09:30 OR

Tuesday @ 16:30 


Saturday @ 10:30

Please contact me to book your place

Puppy I

Tuesday @ 18:00

Please contact me to book your place

​Advanced Obedience

Saturday @ 8:30 

Please contact me to book your place




Bodies in Balance was started in 2004 by Niki Elliott and Kay Aitcheson.
We now have 2 well established schools, one situated in Bryanston, Sandton and the other in Blouberg, Cape Town. We believe whole-heartedly in positive reinforcement, and all our training is done with the aim of helping to balance - without fear or pain - the mind, body and emotions of all dogs attending classes. We offer a variety of classes as well as individual one on one sessions, either at our school or at a venue of your choice. We invite dogs and handlers to have fun while learning at the same time, giving the dogs the option to think and allowing them the liberty of making their own decisions, which helps grow their confidence.



33 Devonshire Ave



Email: niki@puppiesinbalance.co.za
Cell:  082 451 0433


Bloubergrant High School


Cape Town

Email: kay@puppiesinbalance.co.za

Cell: 083 448 2522


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