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These classes aim at socialization and habituation. You will also start to learn some basic obedience such as walking on a loose leash, sit, down, recall, stay. And some fun things like roll over and shake hands.Using clicker methods and TTouch, you will learn positive training techniques to motivate your puppy and build his confidence (yours too!).  We welcome the whole family to come and learn to manage puppy behaviour with effective methods of motivation.Every lesson will cover at least one topic of interest such as how to manage housetraining, nipping, barking, digging, chewing as well as grooming.Where else will you get the opportunity to "pass the puppy", or observe "puppy playtime"? These activities are not only important learning experiences, but they are great fun for puppies & their humans.


In these classes you continue learning and building on the basic commands learnt in Puppy I, to enable your puppy to live in harmony in your home. You will learn to add precision to previously learnt exercise, and we will start to add some additional exercises to the classes, such as the confidence course, scent work and target work. You will also learn to manage the emotional phases your puppy is going to experience at this age.
Careful, fun introduction of new sounds and different visual stimuli are added into the class at this stage. At 5-7 months puppies develop their “Will to please”. Play learning and informal fun learning/training is done in a positive, safe environment, and full advantage is taken of this great learning period.


The advanced obedience classes are for those handlers who wish to do more with their dogs. In these classes we build on the behaviours learnt in the previous classes and we learn a range of additional fun tricks. We also learn to string multiple behaviours together, doing some heelwork to music as well as basic agility.  The aim of the class is to have fun with your dog.

To qualify for this class, dogs should have completed puppy socialisation, basic obedience classes and should be able to work off lead. All applicants will be assessed by us to ascertain suitability for this class.

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